Virtual visit of the Campsite Val-Vert
Virtual visit
of the Campsite

from April 24th, 2017
till September 24th, 2017

with reduced mobility

reception of the people with reduced mobility
Several sites
and toilet blocks
are equipped
to receive people
with reduced mobility.

logo wifi
The whole
of the camp-site
is henceforth accessible

to get information
with the reception.


Warmed swimming pool
Warmed swimming pool
from May 24th
to September 10th, 2017
and according to weather

puceOur Coordinates

Camping VAL-VERT
108 av. Frédéric Garnier 
17640 VAUX-SUR-MER (France)
Tél. : +33 546 382 551
Fax : +33 546 380 615


puceGeneral conditions

Clocher de Vaux-Sur-Mer

Conditions of booking of PLACES

• Arrived from 3 pm and departure before 10 am.

• The place must be left in a perfect state of cleanliness.

• Your booking will be confirmed to you by return of the contract and will be absolutely definitive only after collection of your check (representing the amount of the deposit and the expenses of booking).

• The balance of your invoice must be settled during your arrival to the campsite.

CConditions of booking of PLACES

1 - The rent will have to pull(entail) the payment of a 16 € sum for expenses of rent and office(desk) and 40 % as deposit(advance) on the amount of the stay.

2 - The demand of cancellation of rent must be presented at least 1 month before the date which was stopped for the beginning by the stay. If the cancellation is announced after this period, the advance will remain acquired in the management.

3 - LE in the daytime of the arrival (planned date), the camper will have to appear at the person in charge of the camp at the latest at 7 pm. If, at 7 pm, this last one did not get in touch with the management to announce its delay, the management can have completely the place and will be completely released from its commitment of rent.

4 - The rented place must be released by the camper at 10 am at the latest the final day from the rent. The stay can be however prolonged, after agreement of the management, which will try hard to give satisfaction following its available funds.

5 - The responsibility of the family of the camper must be covered by a third-party insurance (private assurance or card of club of campsite).

6 - The friends visitors of the campers have to release the fee of entrance or campsite following the indications: if they do not cross the night, they pay the price list visitor; if they cross the night in the camp, they have to release the royalty campsite. If you wish to settle for them, it is enough to indicate it to the reception.

7 - Any connectings in the electric borders must be provided with a cable and grips corresponding to the legislation current (2 poles + ground).

8 - The campers have to inform the office of their departure the day before this one.

9 - Animals sound accepted tattooed. The certificates of vaccination are to be presented during the arrival.

10 - Barbecues in the campfire and in the charcoal are forbidden. Barbecues in the gas or electric are accepted. Campsite under surveillance at night by guard.

11 - In swimming pool, the swimsuit is compulsory (for the men boxer shorts forbid).


Table tennis
Warmed swimming pool
Tent sheet


Plan of the Camp-site Val-Vert
Plan of the Camp-site

Our Brochure
Our Brochure

Price lists
Price lists 2017

Rental agreement
Contract of Place

Bank transfer

puceOur Partner

The Camp-site of Lidon is located in the middle of the Marsh From Poitou, in an area of full nature in the middle of the channels of Venice Verte.

camping le martin pêcheur
The Campsite " Martin Pêcheur " is situated in doors of the Swamp from Poitou, the ideal place for you to ressosurcer.